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American Military News: Hawaii missile defense system gets $75M from House Appropriations Committee in FY 2022

July 16, 2021

The Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii—which the Pentagon zeroed out two years in a row in its funding requests—is back with $75 million approved by the House Appropriations Committee today in the fiscal year 2022 defense funding bill.

U.S. Rep. Ed Case said the $706 billion total defense measure, passed in a 33-23 vote, advances a “strong national defense presence in Hawaii and the Indo-Pacific.”

“I especially welcome the bill’s support of my many requests to maintain and advance our defense efforts in Hawaii and throughout the Indo-Pacific in a time of such uncertainty in our part of the world, ” the Hawaii Democrat said in a release. “These include in particular support for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, our largest industrial employer, and to continue the Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii (HDR-H ), which is critical to ensuring Hawaii’s own security.”

Case said the bill includes $75 million to continue development of the radar that was estimated by the Missile Defense Agency to have a $1.9 billion total price tag.

The radar is a “critical ” state-of-the-art system “designed to protect our country and state from ballistic missile threats from countries like North Korea and was strongly supported by our Indo-Pacific military leaders. This ‘discriminating radar’ will be capable of identifying and classifying specific missile threats and will address current and emerging threats, ” Case said in the release.

Case, a member of the Appropriations Committee, said he specifically sought restoration of funding for the Hawaii radar.

Other funding measures in the bill include :—$5 million to continue improving the safety of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage underground tanks. “This funding is being applied toward evaluating secondary containment, measuring and controlling corrosion, improving testing, inspection, repair and maintenance processes, and improving groundwater monitoring and modeling. This funding ensures the safety of our precious drinking water, while mitigating any risks at Red Hill, ” Case said.—Continued funding of over $2.2 billion for the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Plan (SIOP ) at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Case said he requested funds to ensure support for a 20-year, $21 billion effort by the Navy to improve its four public shipyards, including Pearl Harbor shipyard, Hawaii’s largest industrial employer.—Case said support is being provided “for various elements of the Pacific Deterrence Initiative (PDI ), which bolsters deterrence and maintains our competitive edge in the Indo-Pacific in recognition of threats posed by China and the need to preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific.”